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Highlighting our Highlight Services

Picture this, you're sitting at home just scrolling through social media and you see a brand new hair color that you absolutely LOVE! This Instagram gal just went blonde and you're obsessed! So naturally you want to get yourself booked for a new hair color, so you log in to our online booking site and see words like Sun Glistening, Partial Highlight, Full Highlight, and Retouch + Highlight. What the heck do any of those mean and what should I book?!

This post is going to be your guide to the many highlighting services we offer at The Spa At River Ridge and will hopefully assist you with correctly booking your next appointment with one of our talented Hair Stylists.

Let's start with the basics. What are highlights? Hair highlighting per definition is “changing a person's hair color, using lightener or hair color to lift the level or brightness of hair strands.” What that means is we are going to be applying a lightener to your hair in very particular sections achieve a lighter hair color.

Now let's move on to lowlights. What are lowlights? Hair lowlighting is essentially the same process as highlighting except that we use color, not lightener to achieve a darker hair color, providing contrast and dimension.

Now that we have those terms out of the way we can dive into the services we offer, starting with a Sun Glistening. A Sun Glistening is a great quick service that adds face-framing brightness, typically using about 5-10 foiled highlights. This service helps to brighten your complexion and has very minimal upkeep due to it’s natural grow out.

If you want a bit more brightness, a Partial Highlight might be just what you need. Now remember a Partial Highlight can also be a Partial Lowlight or even a mix of the two to create a beautiful dimensional look. The Partial Highlight includes highlights from the crown of your head and up. We plan and meticulously section the highlights to create the desired outcome.

A Partial Highlight and a Sun Glistening give gorgeous results but sometimes you might need just a bit more, and that's when we get into a Full Highlight. As stated above for a Partial Highlight, Full Highlights can also be highlights and lowlights depending on the desired look. A Full Highlight is just what it sounds like: highlights (possibly mixed with lowlights) all over the head. Pictures are a great tool to bring when deciding on the outcome of your color because it allows your stylist to create a custom plan to achieve the results for you.

The last but certainly not least highlighting option we are going to discuss today is our Retouch + Highlight services. Sun Glistening, Partial and Full Highlights are great for anyone who wants to brighten their color but also see some of their natural color as well. However, if you do not want to see your natural color, then we offer a Retouch + Partial Highlight and a Retouch + Full Highlight. A Retouch simply means color applied directly to your natural regrowth or root to cover grays or an undesired natural hair color. With a Retouch + Partial or Full Highlight service, the root color is applied, and then highlights are added to create the desired dimensional look. This service is perfect for someone who wants gray coverage plus dimensional highlights and lowlights.

Highlighting services are a great way to brighten up your natural hair color, adding dimension and interest to your look! If you still have any questions about our highlighting services, we would be happy to help! Please reach out to our Spa Coordinator team by calling 614-766-9946. We would also be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Hair Stylists to discuss the best option to reach your hair goals!

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