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Not Your Mama's Botox®

Nicole Elking Mobile Med Spa Owner practicing Botox in Dublin Ohio.

Did you know that Botox ® was first introduced for cosmetic use in 2002? Prior to that it had been well studied and used for other medical purposes such as blepharospasm (eye twitching) and crossed eyes. In addition to wrinkles, it is used all over the body for muscle contracture, migraines and more.

In the early days, Botox ® was something that was 1) Often over-done and 2) Seemingly reserved for the super rich and famous. Now with 5 formulations of botulinum toxin A in the USA (the active ingredient in Botox ®), and decades of clinical use, it has become a mainstay treatment for those wishing to push back the effects of aging.

Botox ® was first indicated for treatment of glabellar lines, also known as the “11s” between the brows. We now use it to treat forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and several other specific off-label indications such as frown lines, lip lines and facial slimming. As it has grown in popularity, we have also learned as an industry that more isn’t always more. While some patients prefer a completely frozen face, others just want a subtle mid brow lift or simply to prevent progression of wrinkles. “Baby Botox” is increasingly popular these days and I’m all for it!

It is important to understand how these medications work. YES - Botox ® is a prescription medication for injection by trained medical providers only! With strategic placement, Botox ® relaxes the muscles that cause the lines of expression. Once the targeted muscles stop the root cause of the wrinkle - repeated muscle contraction - we then see the resultant lines start to fade. Combining Botox ® with proper skincare/skin maintenance is important to enhance the overall results. After an appointment, the effects of the Botox ® will kick in in 2-10 days (full effect in 14 days). Most people need repeat treatment in 3-4 months although some patients go 6 months especially after regular treatment.

You DON’T have to keep up with Botox ® if you don’t want to! There is no harm done by trying it once…The only thing you did is prevent the progression of the wrinkles by 3-6 months. If you DO choose to keep up with treatment, we ultimately see people go longer and longer between treatments and the overall aesthetic benefit to the skin and wrinkles gets better over time. You can maximize your results by taking care of your skin, avoiding vigorous exercise for 24 hours post treatment, and maintaining proper nutrition (zinc and magnesium deficiency can dull the effects of Botox®). We also carry multiple formulations to find the one that is best for you and your unique metabolism.

If you have been thinking about whether or not Botox ® treatment may be right for you, I invite you to schedule a FREE consultation to get an individualized treatment recommendation. It’s important to go to a trained provider that understands how to create natural results. I’ve treated hundreds of clients and we can go at any pace that suits your comfort level.

Nicole Elking, APRN-CNP

Owner and Advanced Practice Injector

MOBO Med Spa - Columbus West

Text 614.702.7012 to book or I have a link on my website!

Instagram: @mobo.Columbuswest

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