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Fall 2021 Nail Trends

Nail trends are constantly changing just like the Ohio weather! This year has been a hectic one, but one thing remains the same: fun nail trends! There’s always a new trend in the rise and something new to try. This Fall we’re seeing a lot of mix and match designs such as swirls, abstracts and animal prints!

It’s always intimidating to try a new trend when you're normally a one color gal, and that’s okay! An easy way to ease into the new nail trends is to try colors outside of your comfort zone. If you're normally a pink and red girl, this Fall try a brick red like CND's "Books & Beaujolais" or a deep burgundy like Zoya's "Mila"! A simple color change can get you in the mood for these fun Fall trends.

If you're more daring, this Fall is great for neutral abstract nails you’ve always wanted. Mossy green like Zoya's "Cooper", deep purple like Zoya's "Becca", mustard yellow like CND's "Candlelight", and a muted mauve like CND's "Wooded Bliss" are a few perfect colors to mix into this nail look.

Animal prints such as cow print, zebra, and cherry print can pair perfectly with any Fall color and add that “spice” you’re craving!

Whether you get your nails done once a week or once a year, there’s a way to enjoy these fun Fall nail trends no matter what!

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