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Instant Gratification with Tape-In Extensions

Have you dreamed of thicker and/or longer hair but didn't want the financial commitment of Sew-In Extensions and hair growth vitamins just aren’t cutting it? Tape-In Extensions might be just what you need!

Tape-In Extensions are semi-permanent individual tape wefts of hair measuring 1 inch wide. The wefts are taped in between your natural hair in sandwich-like bonds. They are great for anyone looking to enhance their natural hair. Perfect for anyone with concerns of thinning and for anyone who would like to add overall length. We can also target problem areas; if side X is more dense than side Y we can also custom fit them to add density to side X.

Some outside factors to help determine if Tape-In Extensions are right for you: Hair health. Hair health is of huge importance. Even though the Tape-In Extensions cause no damage to the hair strand, we need to make sure your hair can hold the tape. Anyone with brittle or over processed hair might want to consider waiting until we see a couple inches of new growth before investing in Tape-In Extensions to insure the best possible installation. Maintenance. Are you able to keep up with maintenance of a semi-permanent install? Tape-In Extensions require re-installs every 8-10 weeks as the hair grows out. Re-installs mean taking out the extensions, enjoying a thorough clarifying shampoo to your natural hair and extensions, then reinstalling the extensions. We usually recommend scheduling the removal and re-installation on separate days to give your natural hair a little break.

In between installations, good hair maintenance is a must! You are still able to wash, blow dry and style your hair as normal. Swimming and exercising are still able to be done, as long as salt water is avoided. We recommend using hair care products suggested by your stylist as we cannot guarantee results from drug store products. In order to ensure proper hold from the tape, it is highly recommended that no oils, conditioners or products with alcohol go on or near the tape.

Glam Seamless extensions are our preferred Tape-In Extensions because they are made with 100% Remy Human Hair and they offer more hair per pack than other companies (a.k.a. great value!). Pricing for hair depends on the desired look you are trying to achieve and the overall density of your hair currently. Pricing ranges anywhere from $100-$900 depending on length, color, and number of packs purchased. Once the packs are purchased we like to schedule the installation. Installation starts at $150 and can be up to $300. When it’s getting time to move them up we will do a removal which starts at $90. This service includes the removal of the Tape-Ins, cleaning and prepping the extensions for a reinstall, and a shampoo blow dry!

Interested in learning more about Tape-In Extensions? Call 614-766-9946 to schedule a complimentary consultation at The Spa at River Ridge!

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