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Massage for Runners

Massage is great for everyone, but especially helpful for runners and athletes. Running requires sustained, repetitive muscle contraction which translates into speed, power and distance. However, the muscle contraction can also translate into tight shortened muscles, loss of range of motion and decreased circulation.

Massage works to:

  • elongate muscles and loosen muscle tension and spasms

  • improve range of motion

  • promote circulation

  • reduce risk of injury

  • help in the recovery process by reducing muscle soreness

  • improve soft tissue function

  • decrease muscle stiffness and fatigue after exercise

  • reduce inflammation and swelling which helps facilitate healing of injury

  • promote relaxation, help with stress and increase rest/sleep before a competition

The best types of massages runners should receive are Swedish, Trigger Point and Deep tissue. Swedish Massage is best for the days leading up to a big competition as it helps re-energize and relax muscles or for recovery from a competition. Trigger Point Massage (incorporated into our Deep Tissue Massages) is best for treating recurring injury because it focuses on muscle knots and areas of referred pain in the muscle tissue. Deep Tissue Massage works both superficial and deep layers of muscle and fascia. Since runners often have quite a few tight areas that are interconnected this tends to be the massage of choice around hard training workouts.

It’s best to receive massages 2-3 days before a big competition and also 2-3 days afterwards when the muscle are not sore to the touch anymore. All of our massages at The Spa at River Ridge are customized to meet our guests' individual needs and reason for seeking massage therapy. Whether it’s weekly, biweekly or monthly, massage will make a big difference in your healing, recovery and performance!

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